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Вакансия в архиве
№ 11094546
28 декабря 2018
Работа в Санкт-Петербурге / Вакансии / Юриспруденция / Юрист


Выборгская, Лесная, Площадь Мужества, Санкт-Петербург, ул. Новолитовская, д. 15 литер а
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опыт работы от 1 года, полная занятость, на территории работодателя
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Supporting professional activity of highly-skilled lawyers, a barrister and an arbitration manager as well as: searching for, analyzing and processing law information, monitoring the judicial database and the federal register of bankruptcy information, filling up documents and forms of internal accounts of the law firm, preparing projects of requests of the barrister and arbitration manager, judicial and procedural documents, work with information arrays and selection of original documents, composing creditors’ registers, writing applications and filing documents to the court and state authorities, obtaining and processing information from state authorities, participation in negotiations and advising clients on law questions.


Working experience on the speciality of not less than one-two years is a plus but a specialist with no experience is also admissible. Experience in representing clients’ interests in the arbitration court and the court of general jurisdiction, participation in cases on legal entities’ bankruptcy. Good knowledge in the field of civil law, bankruptcy legislation, corporate, labour, tax law as well as arbitration and civil procedures. IMPORTANT! Knowledge of English on the conversational level and higher is required: you should be able to answer a call in English, understand what a client needs etc.; business correspondence in English, participation in negotiations in English. Excellent knowledge of PC (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Sense of duty, analytical abilities, attentiveness, accurateness, punctuality. Absence of harmful habits. Conversational English (at the interview there will be a serious checking of the level of knowledge of English)
  • • Высшее образование
  • • Английский язык (cвободное владение)


Work in the office of the employing company as well as visiting the court, post office, clients; business trips. NON-SMOKING TEAM. Prospect of professional growth. Social benefits. Compensation for mobile communication and fare expenses. Trips abroad to corporate actions and conferences. Full working day on the territory of the employing company. Bonuses and premiums depend on working results and clients’ references. Бизнес-центр Аквилон, 10 минут пешком от метро Лесная (также от Метро Лесная ходит бесплатная маршрутка до МЦ Аквилона)

Вакансия в архиве
№ 11094546
28 декабря 2018

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Деятельность в области права, гражданское, корпоративное право, арбитражно-процессуальное право, консультирование в области налогового права, доверительное управление, международные проекты, банкротство.


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